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Spiral logo design

Spiral logo design

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Logopro logo designers have often found inspiration in spirals. We find spirals beautiful and inspiring, they can be found in art and religion in many forms, an indication of our attraction to them. In this collection, although the spiral is a common theme, the symbolism for each logo is quite different:

On STORM – web design, video production & photography, the spiral not just the ‘O’ in STORM, it’s also the shutter mechanism of a camera. The different colours in the spiral indicate the range of services provided by STORM. It also alludes to the eye of the storm, the area of calm at the center.

Ananiko Natural Skin care features a freely drawn Fibonacchi spiral to encompass the logo title. The Fibonacci spiral relates to growth in nature, and has an elegance and beauty in the curve. It relates to the natural ingredients used in the Ananiko products.

A simple wood shaving is the beautiful spiral used for M. Grover & Sons, wood workers and cabinet makers.

European Translation, a world leading translation service, have a spiral using primary colours so often used on flags. Although languages may differ, countries are interconnected, the spiral evokes a sense of collaboration.

Fineline Communications was the very first logo Logopro created back in 2001. The world wide web was still a very exciting thing with communications being revolutionised. The multi colour spiral seemed to encompass the opportunity that communication offered.

Chameleon HR logo uses the tail of a chameleon, breaking out of the box, demonstrating how a good human resource service can lead us to new and exciting fresh starts.

Cairnrock is one of the logos featured on our home page. Another logo for Human Resources, another logo that features spirals. Here the image we created conveys the steps, the route taken for new opportunities, knowing that career development is a continual process, that we move forward in stages.

A clever use of different coloured feathery lines, creates the spiral on Julie Veazey Hair Additions.

Let us know if there are any logos with spirals out there, that stand out for you.

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