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Logo design brief, instructions and information about you and your business
Logopro, client, briefing form
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Brief your logo designer

Fill out the logo design brief below, this form is the starting point for your custom logo design

Important / All information provided will be treated as strictly confidential


Take it as read, we know confidentiality is essential. We treat all work as highly confidential and will not pass any information on to a third party unless specifically requested by you. So fill in the online logo design brief with confidence, or if you would prefer, contact us via email.
See our terms / privacy policy.


Your logo design brief will help your designer understand your aims. The more information you can provide at this point, the more effective it will be in helping your graphic designer create the perfect logo for you.


Tell us about your business, the history, the present and the future prospects.
What impression do you want to give? Perhaps you want to look established, trustworthy. Or maybe you want to look bouncy, lively, quirky?

The thing is if you can encapsulate your business in a couple of words, it helps with the design process.
Who is your target market?
Do you have any thoughts on colour?
Have you thought about how you are going to use your logo. A lot of people think, new business, new website, new logo. But as your business develops you will probably need office stationery and business cards. Printed promotional material could work for your business, signage on buildings, vehicles, clothing.


Once we have read your logo design brief, we will have ideas of our own, but perhaps it will be your idea that we develop into a brilliant logo design.


Please fill out with as little or as much detail as you want. If we have any questions we will contact you via email.


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    Company or product name


    Strapline, if you have one


    Your website address, if you have one


    Description of your business


    Thoughts on the design of your logo


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