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Frequently Asked Questions

Logo design FAQ ~ Questions and answers about our logo design service and other stuff

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Logo design FAQ 1. How long does the logo design process take?

5 days for those in a hurry.
For those who want to take their time over the process it can take a lot longer. We are happy to work at the pace that suits you.
Once we receive your brief, we will send you the first tailor made designs within 2 to 5 working days, depending on the logo design package.
We send our revision within 2 working days.
The amount of time required to complete a logo design project depends on you and how quickly you respond.

Logo design FAQ 2. Can you send me some designs before I make the payment?

Sorry, no.
We put all our best logo’s on our portfolio for customers to get an idea of the style that we work with.

Logo design FAQ 3. What if I don`t like any of the initial logo designs?

Occasionally we don’t get it right.
If you are disappointed with the concepts offered, tell us, we won’t be offended.
Before we go back to the drawing board, we would find out more about you and your business. We will ask you what you do and don’t like about the different ideas offered.
At this point we usually ask if we can work on some new ideas. It would not affect your money back guarantee.
See our 100% money back guarantee. Click here to read more
See how it works. Click here

Logo design FAQ 4. Will I own the copyright?

LogoPro will hand over the copyright for all your artwork when the project is completed. Read more.
If you require trademark registration then please visit the UK Government website for information.

Logo design FAQ 5. What does web optimised mean?

When building a website it is important that your images should look good while being as small a file as possible. LogoPro have a lot of experience converting images for use on the web and will aim to provide the same image with a much reduced file size to keep your website loading as fast as possible.

Logo design FAQ 6. What is a vector file?

A vector file can be scaled up or down without the loss of quality.

Logo design FAQ 7. Do I get files that I can give to my printer?

Economy logo design – no. This packaged is aimed at those who know they will be doing all their business online. Good for branding a website, office use (email and Word docs), some promotional products and signage.
Extra logo design – yes
Elite logo design – yes
Stationery design – yes

Logo design FAQ 8. Do you print stationery and other stuff?

Yes, with just a couple of clicks you can add the finest quality business cards or a complete business stationery pack to your order.
Printed business cards – click here
Printed stationery pack – click here
We also print the full range of business and promotional material: flyers, brochures, banners, vouchers, etc.
Buying one of our logo design packages? If you want printed stationery you will need to buy stationery design too. Click here
If you already have print ready files (CMYK colour .pdf ) of your business stationery, you can order new stationery in our stationery shop.

Logo design FAQ 9. Can you re do my existing logo design?

Yes we certainly can.
We will redraw your logo and give you a range of files to use, including a vector file. Which means you will have the best quality logo at any size you need.
You can see some example of logos we have redrawn. Click here
Read more about our logo redraw service. Click here

Logo design FAQ 10. What’s the difference between logo design and branding?

The word branding comes from the branding of our sheep or cattle. Before we could read, a brand was an easy way of keeping tabs on your stuff. Sounds like another word for logo, but today branding has come to mean more than just a logo. Branding is about your complete marketing scheme, it’s how you use your logo on every aspect of your identity and promotion.


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