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Logo for online shop for kids farbics

Logo for kids fabrics

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Logo for kids fabrics, an online retailer, came to us via a recommendation by Asplash Web Design. Kids Fabrics knew they wanted to retain the teddy bear from their original brand identity, but they wanted a unique, fresh new logo that conveyed the business in a fun and memorable way. The teddy bear now has stitches on his seams, a reference to the essence of the business, the spots to rolls of fabric, and a simple, informal font. They now have a logo they can use anywhere, on anything, even their own custom fabric. Kids Fabrics


We often work with successful businesses who started out with a quick off the shelf logo. It’s easy to understand why, when you are setting up a business there are many calls on time and money, and commissioning a bespoke logo design can seem daunting, time consuming and unnecessary. The trouble is, further down the line when that business is working well, and you can take the time to reflect, you realise that logo just isn’t fit for purpose. Many major brands spend huge amounts of money getting their logo redesigned, with varying degrees of success. Gap famously reverted to their original design after a public outcry complaining about the new design, so expect some sort of a reaction if you decide to redesign your branding.


One of the interesting things about redesigns is that more often than not, the new design is a more simple, stripped back version of the original, confirming our long held belief that simple is good.


If you are considering a redesign of your logo, come and look at our logo design packages.


When commissioning a logo design from any logo designer, insist on the highest quality vector file of your final logo, this means you can use your new logo at any size you need, from a fav icon right up to the largest of bill boards – and bigger.

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