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Car logo design for upmarket vehicle storage company

Car Logo Design

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This logo was for a client who first came to us in 2004, who returned in December 2011 with a different business venture in the pipeline. The logo was for Southern Car Storage, a long term car storage facility in Hampshire.

The brief was for a logo that represented the class, quality and professionalism that they were offering in the car storage facility.

Logopro style is to look for the unique angle on a business, offering concepts which cover a variety of styles, for example: contemporary, classic, abstract, typographic, theĀ  possibilities are huge.

We sent through a choice of design. Our client saw a design he liked and asked if we could base the illustration on a car of his choice, a Lamborghini Miura. After a few modifications we arrived at the final design, using colours that represent classic cars, British Racing Green, Farrari red, yellow for a splash of colour.

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