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How much for good logo design?

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If you’re thinking about setting up a new business, you will have considered how much you are prepared to invest in your new venture. Hopefully a chunk of that money will go towards creating a professional image for your new business and you will have allocated a reasonable amount of money for this. But what is a reasonable amount to spend on logo design?

There are two options, actually several options if you take into account DIY or let a friend or relative design it for you.

For a professionally designed brand for your business you could approach a design agency you can work with face to face, hugely important to some. If you decide to use an earthbound agency, it will cost considerably more than an online logo design service. A high street design agency will have bigger overheads, with high street rents, receptionists and their own professional image to pay for. Also they have to include the time spent in meetings in their costing, which would require a meeting room/area, designer time and coffee and biscuits – all of these elements require the designer ‘look’.

A viable alternative is an online logo design company. Online logo design companies still have overheads – including staff, dedicated working space, the industry standard software and computers, professional standard internet services, well designed and managed website, search engine optimisation. Where we save is on the designer offices, designer receptionist, designer cups and saucers and designer meetings.

But with so much choice on the web, how on earth do you decide who to go with. With companies offering bespoke logo design for £50 or even £25, why would you choose to go with a company that charges nearly £200 for the same service?

Be realistic, how much time would you expect an experienced logo designer to spend on a logo and how much would expect them to earn per hour. As we work to a fixed priced package, we aim to spend 3 to 4 hours working on the first design concepts, in reality this can often take longer depending on the logo. Also we offer unlimited revisions; the stages of development and refinement are often what turn a good logo design into a great logo design. We use our time efficiently, communicating mainly by email. So in total we aim to spend about 6 hours on a logo design, in practice we spend 8 or 9 hours. It is of paramount importance to us that our clients are totally happy with their final logo design; it is good for them and good for us.

So 6 – 9 hours on a logo design at £200 works out at between £22.00 to £33.00 per hour – not a great rate of pay. There is a huge amount of competition on the internet, so our price has to be competitive. We also look on our logo design package as a loss leader. We offer a money back guarantee to give potential customers confidence to come to us. We can do this is because businesses who have used LogoPro, recognise the high level of expertise and the fast, friendly service we provide and they come back to us for their graphic requirements, year after year.

Large companies spend thousands on their corporate image, but for new, small and medium size businesses £200 seems to be a reasonable amount to get a good custom logo design for your company.

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