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starting a new business at the beginning of 2019 may seem a mad idea, but many very sucessfull businesses have started up amid a financial crises. Great branding will give a business a good foundation and confidence in all promotional acitivity.
starting a new business, great branding,
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Inspirational phrase, create something special in 2019

Happy New Year from Logopro

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According to UK government data, the number of new businesses rose every year after the economic crash in 2008. That is, apart from a sharp decline in 2017 – presumably due to the uncertainty related to the UK’s future, whether we are in or out of the EU.
But starting a new business now is not such a mad idea. There is a link between fast growing startups and a tough economic climate. Look at companies such as Microsoft, General Electric, FedEx, Revlon, Hyatt and IBM as high profile examples of businesses that were born in, or close to, an economic crash.
If you are thinking about starting a new business, once you have done the groundwork, the first step is looking for great branding, it will be the foundation for all your business activity, it will give you the basis and the confidence to promote your new business.
So , it’s the 2nd of January and we are raring to, looking forward to working on new projects, hoping that we can help you create something special in 2019.

Information from the Office for National Statistics

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