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Green logo design

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Being green is now associated with environmental issues. Most of us support the idea of global protection of our planet and the responsibility we share in both causing the problems and potentially solving the problems we have created. This concern has been noticed and tapped in to by the more aware businesses and there has been a rush to get on the green band wagon when it comes to branding a company or service. One of our most popular search term is environmentally friendly logo design.

It is worth remembering other connections with the colour green when it comes to your logo design. Our logo designers are very aware of the power of colour in logo design and although they usually try various colours and colour combinations, ultimately it is our client who makes the final choice on their custom logo design.

Green can also be used to describe someone who is lacking in experience, naive, gullible.

We talk about being ‘green about the gills’, which is about being sickly or pale. Apparently this phase dates back to the 17th century when the flesh around our jaws and ears was known as the gills.

On a more positive note, green is also associated with growth, there are lots of business people and politicians out there looking for the ‘green shoots of recovery’ including Business Minister Baroness Vadera, who got into very hot water over her observation.

How about being ‘green with envy’?

According to thefreeonlinedictionary, green is also the street name for ketamine. A drug used primarily by vets as an anaesthetic or tranquilizer but also used as a recreational drug by those mad enough to use it.

The American dollar has a green back and green has become synonymous with money in the USA.

So there you have it:

green : ecologically sound

green: inexperienced

green: sickly

green: growth, regeneration

green: envious

green: recreational drug

green: money


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