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Garnffwrd Park magazine feature

Fly fishing logo

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In the January 2017 edition of Trout Fisherman magazine, an article shows Garnffrwd Park fishery proudly display their stylish fly fishing logo while hosting the international Bank Flyfishing Championship 2016.

This fishing logo was designed to work in several different formats, both using the full title and also just a bold capital G, in 2 colourways to work on dark and light backgrounds. This flexibility makes it easy to use this custom logo design in a wide variety of ways, making the promotion of Garnffwrd Park, effective and rewarding.

Garnffrwd Park is a favourite logo in the Logopro online logo design portfolio. Designed in 2013, it captures the fine detail and movement of fly fishing in a simple and contemporary way. We have received many compliments on this logo and are pleased to see it featured in the Trout Fisherman Magazine.

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