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Dantech fire services logo

Designing a logo? How difficult can it be?

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Here is a twist on a graphic designer’s perennial bugbear. Professional designers can lose potential commissions to a student nephew or niece, who are ‘good at computers’, because graphic design is one of those things that can be completely undervalued.


Designing a logo? How difficult can it be? If you can a graphic programme to hand, just choose a font, push a bit of clip art around, add a bit of colour and hey presto, you have a logo.


A professional senior graphic designer will have at least 5 years of training, another 10 years of actual design experience, which is a constant process of learning, growing and questioning.

Well, in this instance, my nephew wisely chose to commission me, his graphic designer aunt and get professional branding for his new, Bristol based fire alarms service.

Dan of Dantech Fire Services wanted a dynamic, eye catching logo that looked contemporary yet dependable. This logo incorporates the image of a shield – protection, with a stylised flame – fire, which makes up the D of dantech.

So far we have designed the dantech logo, stationery and designs for branded tee shirts and hoodies. Looking forward to helping Dan with all the various promotional aspects of his new business and wish him great success for the future.

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