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Networking good for business

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The great thing about business networking is that it is a simple and effective way to market your business.  Because of the way events are organised it is possible to be relaxed and friendly without feeling you are in a high pressured business situation. You can increase awareness of your company generally, while expanding your network of business contacts and potentially expanding your network of friends. Networking is also a great opportunity to share experience and knowledge with people in a similar situation, without this it is easy to feel unsupported and isolated.

This week I joined in on a business to business networking event here in Wales.  The event was held at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, a beautiful garden set in 500 acres near Carmarthen. Established only 9 years ago the gardens have already manage to achieve an establish feel with inspiring gardens both outside and inside a huge modern green house. The networking event, organised by The Best of Carmarthen, started with a welcome in the Great Glass House, as it was in the evening we had it all to ourselves and could take a walk and enjoy the plants from around the World in several different temperature zones within the dome. We then moved on to Principality House, just next door, where we enjoyed a buffet and refreshments while listening to an interesting talks from two of the Best of group.  The first topic was Search Engine Optimisation and how to get the best out of your web site. Angus Findlay of Web Adept covered all aspects of SEO in way that was accessible to a complete novice while passing on advice and tips to people in the same line of work. Juliet Fay, a copywriter, talked to us about how to approach writing to get your business message across. As anybody who writes copy or blogs regularly will know, it can take hours to write an intelligent article that is interesting, original and relevant to anyone out there who cares to read it. After the presentations everyone took the opportunity to talk to each other, pass on knowledge, information, business cards, and as a result many contacts were made that were valuable in several different ways. As a graphic designer and more specifically a logo designer, I met several people in the same business, we all have our different areas of expertise so we exchanged cards and will hopefully be able build on this first meeting and this will be to everyone’s advantage.

Take a look at the Best of United Kingdom, find your local area, then you will see all the good things The Best of promotes – not just business, they focus on upcoming events as well.
The Best of United Kingdom

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