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Logo on carrier bag

Branded carrier bags

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Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back and Play-Doh – in the ’80’s Palitoy’s factory shop produced a plastic carrier bag with these iconic logos. It wasn’t well designed, in fact it looks a bit naff, but more than thirty years on, one of those carriers was sold at an action in Leicestershire at ¬£240 – not bad considering these branded carrier bags started out life being given away for free.

Stop for a minute and have a think. Do you have a promotional bag of any sort, that you have had for years and is still in use? I have a very beautiful stormfront bag that my ipad came in, it’s great for my swimming togs. It’s good looking, feels nice, is waterproof and stops my damp towel from making everything in my back pack wet. And every time I go swimming, stormfront is there in my view.

Branded carrier bags have been in the main stream for promoting a business for years.  Branding a bag for life is a very cost effective way of spreading the word about your business, not just for retailers, any business can benefit.

Think big, there are lots of choices, not just the 5p shopping carrier, you can add your branding to backpacks, beach bags, cooler bags, garment bags, business bags, paper bags.

Would a ‘goody bag’ be good for promoting your business, to contain your brochure or leaflet, business cards, a branded pen, a note pad with your logo on every page. None of us can resist these enticing gifts, and bags that are robust and attractive will continue to work for your business for years to come.

Today your branding could not be more important, whatever your business you need to reach out to customers in creative and distinctive ways, helping to build an emotional connections to your customers instantly.

If you think branded carrier bags could be of value to your business, contact us to discuss it. We have years of experience, including designing and printing some pretty amazing carrier bags.


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