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Clarity Matters, Life Coach Logo

Friday, August 20, 2010

20 August 2010

Clarity Matters wanted a logo design that was simple, a logo that conveyed clarity, honesty, creativity and insight.

The chosen concept uses an image of stacked stones. It has a vibrant look and can be interpreted in several different ways, which as a logo designer, I love.

Stacked stones are associated with meditation, a state where clarity of thought can be achieved by the concentration on selection and balancing of rocks. It is a simple process of taking one step at a time in a logical order.

Stacked stones can be found on hilltops in the UK. In many cultures, stacked stones serve as mile posts or road markers.

The image could also been seen as reaching for the highest point of achievement or perfection.

The different shapes also look like stepping stones, or a pathway, the colours cool and almost luminous, leading to the bright, shining point.

Several good metaphors for our journey through life in one logo design. Have I missed anything? Do let me know by commenting on this blog.

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Logo design Australia

Logo design Australia

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

04 June 2010

Having been to a logo design service who failed to capture their businesses style, Innervance International looked further afield – the other side of the World and found Logopro!

Their brief was very detailed as they knew exactly what they wanted from a logo, looking for a professional and memorable design.

They were a new coaching company offering a variety of expert coaches in various niche markets, offering info products to complement their services on & offline. While based in Australia, they planned to extend thier services & products globally.

They covered many aspects of coaching including:
Health & Wellness;
Dating after divorce;
Small business & Executive coaching etc etc.

With this in mind we set to work and came up with the logo above, enveloping the global direction of the company with a simple yet memorable look.

They were ecstatic with the outcome!

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LogoPro is now on Facebook!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

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We have also recently set up our own Twitter feed for interesting articles and a glimpse into the professional graphic design world!

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If you have a profile that you would like us to become a fan of or follow then please get in contact via the comment box below.

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spring special offer

Friday, April 23, 2010

23 April 2010

Election fever is in the air, we are watching events unfold with great interest. It seems that we are not the only ones, potential clients seem to be holding back on their plans to start a business, or to work on their image and promotion. So as an incentive to clients old and new Logopro are offering a 20% discount on logo design for the next 2 months, offering ending on the 30th June 2010.  So if you are thinking about new branding for your business, or perhaps adding another strand to your business, now is the time to take the plunge. Logopro are well know for our inspired logo designs, our friendly and very fast service. Not only that we have been around for a long time, designing logos online since 2001, for businesses around the world. Feel free to talk to one of our logo designers on our freephone number 001239 851000

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Logo redraw

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Larrabee Enterprises, based in Nigeria, came to us at the beginning of April for an update to their existing logo design.

Specialising in crust goat & sheep leather, they wanted a more professional look to extend their business into the global market.

When presented with their new logo design our client was impressed enough to allow us to extend our work with a stationary set proudly displaying their new artwork.

Here is what our client had to say:

“Logopro answered my enquiry with speed and friendliness. Our logo designer offered several variations on our old logo. Our final choice is a great improvement and will be an asset to our growing business.
Ahmad Shour”

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Graphic Design Forum

Thursday, April 08, 2010

We have just discovered a brilliant place for anyone in the creative industry to share ideas, get feedback and get to know one and other!

The forum has a wide range of topics covering all aspects of graphic design from advice on how to deal with new challenges to how to promote and maintain your company website/blog and has been a real help to me and our company!

With one of the most friendly communities on the web today why not come join us?

Graphic Design Forums UK

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How much for good logo design?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If you’re thinking about setting up a new business, you will have considered how much you are prepared to invest in your new venture. Hopefully a chunk of that money will go towards creating a professional image for your new business and you will have allocated a reasonable amount of money for this. But what is a reasonable amount to spend on logo design?

There are two options, actually several options if you take into account DIY or let a friend or relative design it for you.

For a professionally designed brand for your business you could approach a design agency you can work with face to face, hugely important to some. If you decide to use an earthbound agency, it will cost considerably more than an online logo design service. A high street design agency will have bigger overheads, with high street rents, receptionists and their own professional image to pay for. Also they have to include the time spent in meetings in their costing, which would require a meeting room/area, designer time and coffee and biscuits – all of these elements require the designer ‘look’.

A viable alternative is an online logo design company. Online logo design companies still have overheads – including staff, dedicated working space, the industry standard software and computers, professional standard internet services, well designed and managed website, search engine optimisation. Where we save is on the designer offices, designer receptionist, designer cups and saucers and designer meetings.

But with so much choice on the web, how on earth do you decide who to go with. With companies offering bespoke logo design for £50 or even £25, why would you choose to go with a company that charges nearly £200 for the same service?

Be realistic, how much time would you expect an experienced logo designer to spend on a logo and how much would expect them to earn per hour. As we work to a fixed priced package, we aim to spend 3 to 4 hours working on the first design concepts, in reality this can often take longer depending on the logo. Also we offer unlimited revisions; the stages of development and refinement are often what turn a good logo design into a great logo design. We use our time efficiently, communicating mainly by email. So in total we aim to spend about 6 hours on a logo design, in practice we spend 8 or 9 hours. It is of paramount importance to us that our clients are totally happy with their final logo design; it is good for them and good for us.

So 6 – 9 hours on a logo design at £200 works out at between £22.00 to £33.00 per hour – not a great rate of pay. There is a huge amount of competition on the internet, so our price has to be competitive. We also look on our logo design package as a loss leader. We offer a money back guarantee to give potential customers confidence to come to us. We can do this is because businesses who have used LogoPro, recognise the high level of expertise and the fast, friendly service we provide and they come back to us for their graphic requirements, year after year.

Large companies spend thousands on their corporate image, but for new, small and medium size businesses £200 seems to be a reasonable amount to get a good custom logo design for your company.

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Networking good for business

Friday, June 26, 2009

The great thing about business networking is that it is a simple and effective way to market your business.  Because of the way events are organised it is possible to be relaxed and friendly without feeling you are in a high pressured business situation. You can increase awareness of your company generally, while expanding your network of business contacts and potentially expanding your network of friends. Networking is also a great opportunity to share experience and knowledge with people in a similar situation, without this it is easy to feel unsupported and isolated.

This week I joined in on a business to business networking event here in Wales.  The event was held at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, a beautiful garden set in 500 acres near Carmarthen. Established only 9 years ago the gardens have already manage to achieve an establish feel with inspiring gardens both outside and inside a huge modern green house. The networking event, organised by The Best of Carmarthen, started with a welcome in the Great Glass House, as it was in the evening we had it all to ourselves and could take a walk and enjoy the plants from around the World in several different temperature zones within the dome. We then moved on to Principality House, just next door, where we enjoyed a buffet and refreshments while listening to an interesting talks from two of the Best of group.  The first topic was Search Engine Optimisation and how to get the best out of your web site. Angus Findlay of Web Adept covered all aspects of SEO in way that was accessible to a complete novice while passing on advice and tips to people in the same line of work. Juliet Fay, a copywriter, talked to us about how to approach writing to get your business message across. As anybody who writes copy or blogs regularly will know, it can take hours to write an intelligent article that is interesting, original and relevant to anyone out there who cares to read it. After the presentations everyone took the opportunity to talk to each other, pass on knowledge, information, business cards, and as a result many contacts were made that were valuable in several different ways. As a graphic designer and more specifically a logo designer, I met several people in the same business, we all have our different areas of expertise so we exchanged cards and will hopefully be able build on this first meeting and this will be to everyone’s advantage.

Take a look at the Best of United Kingdom, find your local area, then you will see all the good things The Best of promotes – not just business, they focus on upcoming events as well.
The Best of United Kingdom

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Bathroom Logo Design

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our client already had a strong idea of the sort of logo design he wanted for his company, nothing to do with bathrooms or showers, just the simple instruction to provide designs based on the name Eastwillow, using blues to symbolise water. In the end they chose the most simple but effective design using a water drop as the ‘o’ in willow.

Eastwillow is a good example of how a simple idea, probably used many times over in various guises, can still give a very strong brand to a company.  There are so many elements a logo designer must consider when designing a new logo, to break it down to 4 parts, it is font, colour, symbol if required, composition. So even when a client thinks we have come up with ‘the’ design for them, we can still WOW them by showing more variations using different fonts and colours which can completely change the feel of a logo design. It always gives our logo creators a buzz if we can surprise a client at the late stage in the logo design process.

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West Wales Holiday Cottages Logo design

Thursday, May 07, 2009

West Wales Holiday Cottages came to our online logo design service for a new logo for their thriving holiday cottage web site.

The brief our client provided was concise :

‘We would like a logo which consists of a graphic which does not incorporate our name and can used independently of the name.  This is for two reasons: one, because the name is so long and two, because although we currently operate only in West Wales we may expand into other areas.

Style and Design
Simple and clean design possibly reflecting a cottage in a coastal (and hilly) landscape.

Maybe Greens, Blues, Yellows.  Probably the types of greens and blues that we use on our homepage.

We would suggest a sans-serif font to go with the logo; a typeface which isn’t too hi-tech but one which would reflect the fact that we are a modern, internet based company.’

It is always very interesting to read the brief retrospectively, once a logo designer gets to work on a new job, a key part of the job is to think freely, to try and see the business from various perspectives.  We offered several logo designs, some of which included traditional Welsh cottages illustrated in different ways and some designs that included hills, sea and sky.  Our client had a strong vision of what they wanted and our logo designers work hard to bring that vision to reality and WWHC are now very happy with their new logo.

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jigsaw logo design

Friday, April 24, 2009

In March The Integration Team came to us to design their new logo. They are specialist IT experts who take software and produce highly automated installations of complete systems and then provide support for them. So it’s both consultancy and coding.

They liked the idea of a logo design that was ‘slightly 3d’ and pointed us to several logos they liked in our online portfolio.

We presented our client with 6 different rough designs, they particularly liked 2 of the logo designs so we developed both at the next stage. It helped them decide which concept to go for and we worked together showing different colour combinations, different fonts and layouts until our client was completely happy with the final design.

Our logo designer came up with a design that included pieces from a jigsaw, people working together, i and t in the image.  This completely sums up the core of The Integration Team’s business.

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Blue logo design

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The most popular colour in logo design is blue.

When our logo designers begin a new project, we work on several bespoke logos, we work hard to see all the possible ways we can approach a particular business. Once a client has chosen a design, we then develop it further working from their comments. Throughout the process we show different colour combinations. We know from all our years in the business that 5 out of 10 clients will choose the blues option.

Blue logo designs you may be familiar with are:

Ford, white script on blue oval, designed in 1928, it has changed little over the years. In 2003, to celebrate 100 years, Ford released a logo that they named Centennial Blue Oval, which is a graduated fill from dark blue up to light blue.

BARCLYS they used to have a logo with white text and an eagle reversed out of a blue, solid and dependable. Since 2008 they have a new identity, a hollowed out globe designed by Brand Union, for an eye watering 600 thousand pounds!

More contemporary logo design is the GAP logo, white text reversed out of a blue square. The name comes from the phrase ‘generation gap’.

Also bmi airline uses lowercase letters in blue. British Midland Airways launched its new identity in 2001.

The COOP supermarket also use either blue letters on white or white on blue, redesign in 1993, the ‘cloverleaf’ brand conveys the Co-op’s origins where several independent companies came together to form one organisation with shared principles.

AOL have blue capital letters with a triangle and circular icon in blue. AOL have the dubious honour or being rated the worst and the best internet providers by Watchdog, a BBC programme reporting on consumer affairs in the UK. At it’s most popular this internet service provider had 30 million members, so the AOL brand must be one of the best know brands in the world.

DELL, famous for computers use turquoise blue capital letters with the E placed at an angle, as logo designers we are always looking for the meanings behind the image, but what is that? A plug, a computer tower, E as in E commerce.

The IBM logo, capital letters in blue with horizontal white lines through them. This logo is iconic, it is like the grandfather of modern logo design, by logo designer Paul Rand in 1972.

Blue is a universally appealing colour. Perhaps it is the association with blue sky and sea.  In logo design it may feel like the safe option but not without good reason. Blue is not just about being conservative, blue has a grounded feel about it, a dignity and assurance that makes people respond positively to a logo design, a brand, a business.

If you can think of any noteworthy logo designs that are blue, do let us know and we will add them to our article.  If you would like to comment on this article just fill in the box provided, otherwise email us via our contact us page.

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pizza logo design

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Love this logo – eez a fun!

Pizza pizza based in Baldock, Hertfordshire, wanted to brand their thriving take-away pizza restaurant.  They came to Logopro earlier this month and being in a kitchen rather than at a computer, our client phoned us to request our online logo design services. Pizza Pizza new their onions, but had little idea of what they were looking for in terms of logo design and left us with a blank canvas.

We were happy to oblige, our logo designer really enjoyed this project and presented 6 fresh new designs for our client to choose from.  Again our client rang to discuss which logo he liked and gave us a few ideas on how to develop it further.  Once we get close to the final design, we try different colour combinations, some more zany than others – pizza pizza chose black and khaki-green for their final logo design, which proved a good idea for what is a memorable logo design.

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Green logo design

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Being green is now associated with environmental issues. Most of us support the idea of global protection of our planet and the responsibility we share in both causing the problems and potentially solving the problems we have created. This concern has been noticed and tapped in to by the more aware businesses and there has been a rush to get on the green band wagon when it comes to branding a company or service. One of our most popular search term is environmentally friendly logo design.

It is worth remembering other connections with the colour green when it comes to your logo design. Our logo designers are very aware of the power of colour in logo design and although they usually try various colours and colour combinations, ultimately it is our client who makes the final choice on their custom logo design.

Green can also be used to describe someone who is lacking in experience, naive, gullible.

We talk about being ‘green about the gills’, which is about being sickly or pale. Apparently this phase dates back to the 17th century when the flesh around our jaws and ears was known as the gills.

On a more positive note, green is also associated with growth, there are lots of business people and politicians out there looking for the ‘green shoots of recovery’ including Business Minister Baroness Vadera, who got into very hot water over her observation.

How about being ‘green with envy’?

According to thefreeonlinedictionary, green is also the street name for ketamine. A drug used primarily by vets as an anaesthetic or tranquilizer but also used as a recreational drug by those mad enough to use it.

The American dollar has a green back and green has become synonymous with money in the USA.

So there you have it:

green : ecologically sound

green: inexperienced

green: sickly

green: growth, regeneration

green: envious

green: recreational drug

green: money


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Cardiff Growers Logo Design

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welsh Veg produce vegetable plants ready to be planted in the garden.  The target market is local garden centers and our client want to present themselves as a professional company,  branded in a simple but contemporary and memorable way.  Welsh Veg requested that the logo designer should not use too many different colours, as a bold, clear statement was required on labels, stationery and on the flower pots too.

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Red logo design

Monday, March 23, 2009

Red is a primary colour, the other colours in the RGB colour model are green and blue.  In theory, these three colours can be combined to make all the colours. When considering colours for use in a logo design it is worth looking at how many red logo designs there are, for instance, Coca-Cola, a truely iconic logo the world over. Also, to list a few other well know logo designs:

The Virgin logo, red script or white script on red

McDonald’s with the famous yellow M on a red background, a clever logo that echos the burger buns in the shape of the M

Texaco’s logo with the red T in a white star in a red circle

The Lego logo which is a red box with white text with black and yellow outline

A prestigious car, AUDI use a logo design that has red text with silver rings

‘the world’s local bank’ HSBC, uses black text and the well  know white and red triangles

All these logo designs have red as their dominant colour. Our logo designers are very aware that red captures attention, perhaps because we associate red with emotional intensity, passion. We also know red as the colour of danger, anger and of course blood. All powerful reasons to have a basic response to a powerful logo design that uses red as it’s main colour.

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Logo Design For Food Tolerance

Friday, January 30, 2009

Logo for a research project being conducted by Kings College London University. Dr Perkin came to LogoPro at the beginning of January looking for a logo design for EAT, with a strap line – Enquiring About Tolerance.

The logo is for a large scale clinical trial on children’s allergies.  The trial will recruit 3000 babies who will be tested until 3 years of age for any sign of a food allergy.  Half the children will be breastfed exclusively for 6 months, the other half will be breast fed and introduced to some allergenic foods from 3 months old.

Dr Perkin wanted a logo that included a picture of a baby, or a mother holding a baby. He requested 3 designs with baby faces and 3 designs using other concepts and for the logo to be one colour only.

Our logo designer worked on designs with Dr Perkin and his team, and after a few rounds of revisions, they were very happy with the final result.

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Time To Start A New Business

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Recession, credit crunch, deflation – all words at the top of most people consciousness. The news is full of alarming statistics about redundancies, 27,000 people now out of work because of the closing of Woolworths 815 stores. Other well known businesses are going under daily, here is a list of just a few who have gone under in 2008/9: Viyella, Wedgwood, Wickes Furniture, Whittard of Chelsea, MFI, Adams Children’s wear, Amtrak Express Parcels, Morgan clothing brand, too many airlines and banks to mention except of course Northern Rock, little did we know this was just the tip of the iceburg!

So a difficult times ahead, but not necessarily a bad time. During the 1970′s England suffered a terrible economic downturn. The 3 day week was introduced to save electricity, a need brought about by the coal miner’s strike, causing a downturn for business generally. It was during this time that Microsoft and Apple began trading, the start of a sea change in how we do business.

For those who are, or expecting to be, unemployed now is the time to be creative, not many companies will be looking for new recruits at the moment. Look at what you have to offer, resurrect that business idea you have been nursing all these years, instead of fretting about your circumstances, start working on a plan, a business plan.

There are many good reasons why starting a new business in a recession is a good time. Starting a business in difficult times brings out qualities like creativity, problem-solving, perseverance and energy, all things which are good for a new business, and will set you up for success in the long term. Of course the success of any venture will depend on you.

You will need to take a good hard look at your business idea, do your homework, research who and where is your competition. Look at how your competition works and think – can you do it better?

Is there a demand for what you are offering, now, in a time of recession, when everyone is holding back. What about the future, when we come out the other side and things are looking rosier?

Do you have enough resources to get your idea off the ground without looking for big loans from the bank? Starting a business in a recession is great because you will probably spend as little as possible, the cheaper your company is to operate the less likely it is to fail.

There are other good reasons for starting a new business:

Being your own boss is one of them, being able to make decisions and do things your way is one of the best reasons.

You will be working in an area you are particularly interested in, you could be turning your passion into your career.

The work is likely to be very varied. You will find yourself on a steep learning curve, getting to grips with the details of running a business, with many different hats to wear; director, accountant, graphic designer (that’s where we can help), web designer, promotion expert, receptionist, sales rep, cleaner, maintenance, tea lady to name but a few.

It can be very profitable, although the beginning can be difficult, if you work hard and you get it right, the profit is yours.

If you are running your new business from home, or a shed in the garden, just think of all the money you will save on commuting.

Of course one of the most important aspects of starting your new business is choosing a new name, making the right decision on this is one of the keys to success, it represents you in everything you do. Once you have chosen your name, make sure it is not being used by anyone else.

The next step is to commission a logo design and the best place for that is LogoPro, we would say that wouldn’t we! But over the last 7 years we have made it our business to specialise in logo design and our logo designers are the best in the business. The advantage of coming to LogoPro is the quality of work we provide, at a fraction of the cost of conventional design agencies and other online logo design companies. We achieve this by cutting out unnecessary meeting and phone calls to concentrate on the important part of the job, the design work.

There are many examples of our work on our website, and testimonials from happy clients, on the home page and the testimonials page.

If you are starting up your new business and are unsure about any aspect our service, do contact us via our website or the blog, or telephone 01239 851000, we would be happy to chat to you about your new business.

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Web Design For BSM impact

Thursday, December 11, 2008

BSM impact, a business service management consultancy, asked us to redesign and build their web site.  They came to LogoPro in September 2008, for a new custom logo design that reflected their services.  They opted for our Business Advantage package, logo and stationery design. 

Not only did the new site have to look professional, as with any design, it has to capture its audience, make them want to look further and not lose them on the first click.  Our graphic designer worked with them to create a site that could incorporate many features. They required a CMS – Content Management System – so they could make changes to the site themselves easily.  They also have a search facility, an employee portal and news feeds.

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Logo design prices

Friday, November 28, 2008

Being one of the very first graphic design companies to offer custom logo design online, way back in 2001, our aim was to offer our expertise at affordable prices to all businesses, particularly those who would not consider approaching a conventional design agency.

We know from client feedback that some clients were suspicious of our low price, expecting logo designs that look as if they have been plucked straight from a clip art library with a bit of text applied.  Not until they embarked on the journey with us did they realise just how committed our logo designers are to creating genuinely bespoke designs for our clients.

We have considered making our prices higher, but for now we think it is worth keeping our prices as they are because each new client has the potential to become one of the many clients that come back to us again and again for all their graphic requirements.

economy logo design £180 plus VAT

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