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Friday, September 12, 2014

Not just about logo design, please come and follow us on pinterest


Lots of pin boards to look at with beautiful images. It is one of the best places to look for inspiration, use the spy glass to search on any subject and you will find thousands of exciting photographs, art, infographics and information.

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Car logo design for upmarket vehicle storage company

Car Logo Design

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Well it’s been a while since I last posted, where did that time go? Lots of new logo designs to post about, starting with this one – Southern Car Storage. This logo was for a client who first came to us in 2004, who returned in December 2011 with a different business venture in the pipeline. The logo was for a long term car storage facility in Hampshire. The brief was for a logo that represented the class, quality and professionalism that they were offering in the car storage facility. Logopro style is to look for the unique angle on a business, offering concepts which cover a variety of styles, for example: contemporary, classic, abstract, typographic, the  possibilities are huge. For Southern Car Storage, our client saw a design rough he liked and asked if we could base the illustration on a car of his choice, a Lamborghini Miura. After a few modifications we arrived at the final design, using colours that represent classic cars, British Racing Green, Farrari red, yellow for a splash of colour.

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Land Art and Logo Design

Art for Inspiration

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It has been a while since I went to art college, so my knowledge of contemporary art is limited. Although interested in the art world, I rely on the media to inform me of interesting exhibitions or events. I fancied going to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition at The National Gallery, who would have thought it – tickets sold out already!

Anyway, my interest has recently been rekindled, I have discovered ‘Land Art’. Land art is a term coined by Robert Smithson, an American artist famous for his Spiral Jetty, a really good example of Land Art. The artist purchased a 20 year lease on a salt lake in Utah, USA, where he experienced a moment of clarity inspired by the landscape that surrounded him. He created a 1500 foot, counterclockwise spiral in the lake, by moving the rocks and sediment using a large tractor. According to Wikipedia the construction of the spiral only took six days, presumably on the seventh, Smithson rested. This was back in 1969/70, when the water level was unusually low. The Spiral Jetty has spent many more years underwater than it has as exposed, there is something magical and moving about this. The New York Times wrote ‘The most famous work of American art that almost nobody has ever seen in the flesh is Robert Smithson’s ”Spiral Jetty”.’ Somewhere in my subconscious I know I have seen the image of the ‘Spiral Jetty’ many times.

Spirals are a common feature in the natural world, for instance the nautilus sea shell and the beautiful Sunflower. Spirals have inspired artists for thousands of years, an example of this is the entrance slab to Newgrange Tomb in Ireland, a megalithic stone that is older than the Pyramids and Stonehenge. For goodness sake, spirals are what we are made of! The double helix is the structure of DNA, ‘the molecule of life’. It’s hardly surprising that spirals have been and will be an inspiration to artists and designers for eternity.

This is where I shoehorn a bit about logo design into this blog : ) Yes we have quite a few example of designs where we have used a spiral in one way or another. One of our most recent spiral inspired logos is cairnrock, a logo for a Human Resources company based in London.

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Logo design for groundwork and construction business

Confidence in your logo designer

Friday, September 02, 2011

In November 2010, Tom Swayne came to Logopro, looking for a new and exciting logo design for his equestrian services. Just under a year later he has come back to us for a new logo, this one to promote another branch of his business TMS Plant, confidant that our logo designers would find the right logo design for his business. We really enjoyed working on this new logo exploring ideas around his existing identity and concepts completely fresh and new. Ultimately the company decided to go for something simple but bold using colours already well established for his firm, which was fine by us. We truly believe that our clients know there business and they know their clients so the final choice they make will be the one that will work best for them.

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Logo design for Vet

New Logo Local Veterinary Services

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

7 July 2011

Web developers, Storm Developments, suggested to Aeron Vets that they should commission LogoPro to design a new logo. As a rural vet the variety of animals they help include equine and farm animals as well as the soft furry ones we like to cuddle up to on the sofa. Our logo designer managed to capture the commercial side of the business as well as the caring nature that we look for when choosing a vet.

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Pet Logo Design

Our Quality Puppies – New Logo Design

Friday, June 24, 2011

Recently finished logo design for a breeder of pedigree working Labradors. They are a business in Wales who want to change the image of breeding dogs in Wales by offering a service that cares for the puppies wellfare right from birth through to being settled in a happy home.

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Website designed for Personal Trainer – AJ O’Neill

Thursday, May 26, 2011

25 May 2011

Our most recent project nearing completion is both a logo design and website design for a personal trainer, dance teacher & Zumba fitness instructor – AJ O’Neill

Looking for a clean modern look we opted for an accordion type design with all the content contained within a few rather attractive ‘sliders’ meaning it was easy to navigate the site with minimal page loading. As elegant as this looked, we quickly found some teething problems when we decided to do a test run on multiple browsers such as sliders failing to load the contained content or failing to load at all.

Once we had this issue ironed out we slowly discovered a distinct lack of space in amongst the sliders which meant that we had to make a good use of the space available while keeping relevant information easily accessible. AJ wanted to be able to show his teaching schedule within an automatically updating calendar system that was easy to use and lightweight at the same time, however, we knew space was going to be an issue and so we decided that it should pop-out of the page so that it could easily be referenced with the rest of the site. In keeping costs down we discovered Google Calendar (because there’s no point in handing out massive amounts of money to develop your own custom calendar) which is a fantastic tool! easily sharing information with other users and fool proof to set up, it was a pleasure to work with and the end result is rather smart.

The design of the site is stunning – very eye catching and smooth and simple to navigate. This one is going in my portfolio!

The site is due to be fully completed in mid June so keep your eyes peeled for updates and developments!

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6 reasons to choose a professional logo designer

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25th May 2011

Just yesterday up came the perennial remark from a potential customer, ‘We are thinking about a new logo for our business, but my nephew is good on the computer, he’s going to have a go at it!’ It’s like saying ‘My nephew’s good at Lego, he’s going to have a go at building my house for me.’

Here are 6 good reasons to use a professional logo designer for your branding.

1.     Expertise. Some say it takes 5 years to become an expert, some say more. ‘Excellence in any department can be attained only by the labour of a lifetime; it is not to be purchased at a lesser price’ Samuel Johnson ~ an English author in the 18th Century.

2.     Clarity. Understanding your objective is key.  A professional logo designer will take your brief and do the research to make sure they understand your business and the images that represent it. They will have a good idea of how you want to be perceived whether trustworthy and established as with an architect for example or fun for a children’s toy retailer. A good designer will use their experience to provide you with a good logo design that will give you confidence in presenting your business.

3.     Choice. Even the most seasoned graphic designer can be hard pushed to come up with several design concepts for a new logo. We have been practicing for years, nurturing our new logo designers in the ways and means of approaching a project.  A good logo designer will show you different concepts, quite different ones too, not just a different font or layout of a hackneyed idea.

4.     Time. Has that nephew shown you any designs yet? Favours are great and who knows, you could be on to a good thing. The chances are though, you will be left waiting. Designing a logo can be an intimidating prospect for a novice, especially if they understand the responsibility that goes with it. Will they know how to provide you with the final files in the best possible quality for you to use. Will they provide the backup needed, when you find you need your logo as a print ready file or to change the layout for printing on that promotional memory stick.

5.     Budget. You can decide from the outset how much your new company logo means to you. With online logo design you can choose to pay as little as £24.99 to - well hundreds. Be realistic, can you really expect good custom logo design for £24.99? If you trawl through the first pages of google looking at similar services you will find that around the £200 pound mark buys you professional logo design. If they have the same ethos as Logopro, this represents fantastic value.

6.     Guarantee. You should expect guarantees with professional logo designers. Not just a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the designs offered, you need a guarantee that:
         the company is who and where they say they are
         the logo is a bespoke logo design for your business
         the final files provided are suitable for using in the ways advertised
         the final logo will be handed over to you with the copyrights.

With a professional logo designer you can expect a unique design that will enhance your business in the minimum amount of time with the minimum amount of effort.

Apologies to any nephews who are also great logo designers.

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Logopro Redesign Part 5 Moving Images

Thursday, May 19, 2011

18th May 2011

Opinions differ over moving images on a webpage. Animations can be irritating and distracting, not just the ads that sit nagging away at you demanding attention, but banners with changing images, animations that take an age to load, all can make you want to just hit the back button. But as we are professional logo designers, we wanted a way to show off our assets in a tasteful and eye catching way.

Anyway, browsing the net I came across a graphic design website I really liked – deep.co.uk. It’s still the same 3 years on so you can take a look.  As with a lot of graphic design websites, they look beautiful but can be a bit difficult to fathom. I loved the way the images drop in and the controls on the moving images. Part of the reason it looks so good is its Flash. There are downsides to using Flash:

1. Not everyone uses Flash player.
2. Flash show as blank images on smart phones.
3. It is not good for search engine optimisation.

After much deliberation we decided to use java script for the scrolling images across the top of the page. It is simple but effective, with control over the speed of scroll, if you mouse over it stands still, if you click it takes you to another page. The only thing it doesn’t do is scroll in reverse. We wanted the drop down menu from the top bar, which actually hangs over the scrolling banner, because of this we couldn’t have the reverse scroll.

We think this is an excellent way of showing off our best logo designs on all the key pages of our site.

Well that concludes my observations on the redesign of our web site, think I’ve just about exhausted the subject. Apart from saying that for any established business, putting a redesigned web site online is no mean feat. The drive to find a new and exciting way to present yourselves can often be thwarted in the final stages by the leg work required to update every single page you have online with new or updated content. You probably have some new key pages to consider too. Coupled with the fear that the new site may drop in the search engines, that your viewers may not perceive it to be an improvement, that they may actually find it less user friendly, I begin to understand why it took us so long.

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LogoPro Web Site Redesign Part 4 Background Colour

Monday, April 18, 2011

18th April 2011

Blue Or White?

On the background colour of our new website, should we stick with our conservative dark blue or move to white. There only ever seemed to be the 2 options, we dabbled with light grey for a while, but grey … well it’s so grey.

We wanted our logos to take centre stage, to really shine out of the page. Generally our finished logos are saved on white and placed on our blue background they really do stand out. But dark backgrounds can be a nightmare when trying to read text. On the other hand, we had been dark blue for 10 years. We have some loyal clients who come back for more, would they take one look and decide this must be someone else and click away never to find us again. So as customer recognition felt important, surely we could work round this limitation and still find an exciting new layout that spoke for us? Over the 4 years it took to bring our new design to fruition, in the rough designs the background remained blue.

I find that design works in a subconscious way, personally I always read a brief carefully as soon as it arrives because I know that even if I’m not thinking about the new project in a concentrated way, in the back of my mind there will be seeds of ideas germinating ready to spring forth when I sit down at the drawing board, well, computer.

So as we reached the final hour, the design done, other key pages styled, another hundred decisions made, in a light bulb moment we changed to white.

Next blog on this subject – moving images.

If you would like to read the other articles on this subject, click on the Web Design category on our blog.

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