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Logo design Wales

Logo Design Wales – Collection

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

We have several collections in the pipeline, collections of logo designs from all the various categories of business we have worked for over the years.

This set were designed for businesses based in Wales. There are a wide range of small business and tourism in the collection including:

West Wales Wedding Portrait Photography
Visit Cardigan
Cardigan Bay Coast & Country
Garnffrwd Park
West Wales Holiday Cottage
Connaught Shutters & Blinds

We are based in Wales so we have built up quite a portfolio of Welsh logos.

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Logopro On Pinterest

Friday, September 12, 2014

Not just about logo design, please come and follow us on

Lots of pin boards to look at with beautiful images.

It is one of the best places to look for inspiration, use the spy glass to search on any subject and you will find thousands of exciting photographs, art, infographics and information.

Once you find a pin you want to keep, pin it to a board, which is a file. Name the file and add relevant pins.

There are simple board names like ‘doors’, ‘sunsets’, one word names. Or I’ve seen some inspirational titles like ‘too tall for heels’, ‘stuff of dreams’.

Time to rename some of our boards!

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Car logo design for upmarket vehicle storage company

Car Logo Design

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

This logo was for a client who first came to us in 2004, who returned in December 2011 with a different business venture in the pipeline. The logo was for Southern Car Storage, a long term car storage facility in Hampshire.

The brief was for a logo that represented the class, quality and professionalism that they were offering in the car storage facility.

Logopro style is to look for the unique angle on a business, offering concepts which cover a variety of styles, for example: contemporary, classic, abstract, typographic, the  possibilities are huge.

We sent through a choice of design. Our client saw a design he liked and asked if we could base the illustration on a car of his choice, a Lamborghini Miura. After a few modifications we arrived at the final design, using colours that represent classic cars, British Racing Green, Farrari red, yellow for a splash of colour.

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Land Art and Logo Design

Art for Inspiration

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It has been a while since I went to art college, so my knowledge of contemporary art is limited. Although interested in the art world, I rely on the media to inform me of interesting exhibitions or events. I fancied going to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition at The National Gallery, who would have thought it – tickets sold out already!

My interest has recently been rekindled, I have discovered ‘Land Art’. Land art is a term coined by Robert Smithson, an American artist famous for his Spiral Jetty, a really good example of Land Art. The artist purchased a 20 year lease on a salt lake in Utah, USA, where he experienced a moment of clarity inspired by the landscape that surrounded him. He created a 1500 foot, counterclockwise spiral in the lake, by moving the rocks and sediment using a large tractor. According to Wikipedia the construction of the spiral only took six days, presumably on the seventh, Smithson rested. This was back in 1969/70, when the water level was unusually low. The Spiral Jetty has spent many more years underwater than it has as exposed, there is something magical and moving about this. The New York Times wrote ‘The most famous work of American art that almost nobody has ever seen in the flesh is Robert Smithson’s ”Spiral Jetty”.’ Somewhere in my subconscious I know I have seen the image of the ‘Spiral Jetty’ many times.

Spirals are a common feature in the natural world, for instance the nautilus sea shell and the beautiful Sunflower. Spirals have inspired artists for thousands of years, an example of this is the entrance slab to Newgrange Tomb in Ireland, a megalithic stone that is older than the Pyramids and Stonehenge. For goodness sake, spirals are what we are made of! The double helix is the structure of DNA, ‘the molecule of life’. It’s hardly surprising that spirals have been and will be an inspiration to artists and designers for eternity.

This is where I shoehorn a bit about logo design into this blog : ) Yes we have quite a few example of designs where we have used a spiral in one way or another. One of our most recent spiral inspired logos is cairnrock, a logo for a Human Resources company based in London.

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Logo design for groundwork and construction business

Simple bold design

Friday, September 02, 2011

In November 2010, Tom Swayne came to Logopro, looking for a new and exciting logo design for his equestrian services. Just under a year later he has come back to us for a new logo, this one to promote another branch of his business TMS Plant, confidant that our logo designers would find the right logo design for his business. We really enjoyed working on this new logo exploring ideas around his existing identity and concepts completely fresh and new. Ultimately the company decided to go for something simple but bold using colours already well established for his firm, which was fine by us. We truly believe that our clients know there business and they know their clients so the final choice they make will be the one that will work best for them.

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Logo design for Vet

West Wales Vet Logo Design

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

7 July 2011

Referral from web developers, Storm Developments, Aeron Vets ask us to design a new logo for them. As a rural vet the variety of animals they help include equine and farm animals as well as the soft furry ones we like to cuddle up to on the sofa. Our logo designer managed to capture the commercial side of the business as well as the caring nature that we look for when choosing a vet.

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Pet Logo Design

Pet logo design

Friday, June 24, 2011

Recently finished logo design for a breeder of pedigree working Labradors. They are a business in Wales who want to change the image of breeding dogs in Wales by offering a service that cares for the puppies wellfare right from birth through to being settled in a happy home.

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Website for Personal Trainer

Thursday, May 26, 2011

25 May 2011

Our most recent project nearing completion is both a logo design and website design for a personal trainer, dance teacher & Zumba fitness instructor – AJ O’Neill

Looking for a clean modern look we opted for an accordion type design with all the content contained within a few rather attractive ‘sliders’ meaning it was easy to navigate the site with minimal page loading. As elegant as this looked, we quickly found some teething problems when we decided to do a test run on multiple browsers such as sliders failing to load the contained content or failing to load at all.

Once we had this issue ironed out we slowly discovered a distinct lack of space in amongst the sliders which meant that we had to make a good use of the space available while keeping relevant information easily accessible. AJ wanted to be able to show his teaching schedule within an automatically updating calendar system that was easy to use and lightweight at the same time, however, we knew space was going to be an issue and so we decided that it should pop-out of the page so that it could easily be referenced with the rest of the site. In keeping costs down we discovered Google Calendar (because there’s no point in handing out massive amounts of money to develop your own custom calendar) which is a fantastic tool! easily sharing information with other users and fool proof to set up, it was a pleasure to work with and the end result is rather smart.

The design of the site is stunning – very eye catching and smooth and simple to navigate. This one is going in my portfolio!

The site is due to be fully completed in mid June so keep your eyes peeled for updates and developments!

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Why choose a professional logo designer?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

25th May 2011

Just yesterday up came the perennial remark from a potential customer, ‘We are thinking about a new logo for our business, but my nephew is good on the computer, he’s going to have a go at it!’ It’s like saying ‘My nephew’s good at Lego, he’s going to have a go at building my house for me.’

Here are 6 good reasons to use a professional logo designer for your branding.

1.     Expertise. Some say it takes 5 years to become an expert, some say more. ‘Excellence in any department can be attained only by the labour of a lifetime; it is not to be purchased at a lesser price’ Samuel Johnson ~ an English author in the 18th Century.

2.     Clarity. Understanding your objective is key.  A professional logo designer will take your brief and do the research to make sure they understand your business and the images that represent it. They will have a good idea of how you want to be perceived whether trustworthy and established as with an architect for example or fun for a children’s toy retailer. A good designer will use their experience to provide you with a good logo design that will give you confidence in presenting your business.

3.     Choice. Even the most seasoned graphic designer can be hard pushed to come up with several design concepts for a new logo. We have been practicing for years, nurturing our new logo designers in the ways and means of approaching a project.  A good logo designer will show you different concepts, quite different ones too, not just a different font or layout of a hackneyed idea.

4.     Time. Has that nephew shown you any designs yet? Favours are great and who knows, you could be on to a good thing. The chances are though, you will be left waiting. Designing a logo can be an intimidating prospect for a novice, especially if they understand the responsibility that goes with it. Will they know how to provide you with the final files in the best possible quality for you to use. Will they provide the backup needed, when you find you need your logo as a print ready file or to change the layout for printing on that promotional memory stick.

5.     Budget. You can decide from the outset how much your new company logo means to you. With online logo design you can choose to pay as little as £24.99 to - well hundreds. Be realistic, can you really expect good custom logo design for £24.99? If you trawl through the first pages of google looking at similar services you will find that around the £200 pound mark buys you professional logo design. If they have the same ethos as Logopro, this represents fantastic value.

6.     Guarantee. You should expect guarantees with professional logo designers. Not just a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the designs offered, you need a guarantee that:
         the company is who and where they say they are
         the logo is a bespoke logo design for your business
         the final files provided are suitable for using in the ways advertised
         the final logo will be handed over to you with the copyrights.

With a professional logo designer you can expect a unique design that will enhance your business in the minimum amount of time with the minimum amount of effort.

Apologies to any nephews who are also great logo designers.

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Logopro Redesign – Moving Images

Thursday, May 19, 2011

18th May 2011

Opinions differ over moving images on a webpage. Animations can be irritating and distracting, not just the ads that sit nagging away at you demanding attention, but banners with changing images, animations that take an age to load, all can make you want to just hit the back button. But as we are professional logo designers, we wanted a way to show off our assets in a tasteful and eye catching way.

Anyway, browsing the net I came across a graphic design website I really liked – deep.co.uk. It’s still the same 3 years on so you can take a look.  As with a lot of graphic design websites, they look beautiful but can be a bit difficult to fathom. I loved the way the images drop in and the controls on the moving images. Part of the reason it looks so good is its Flash. There are downsides to using Flash:

1. Not everyone uses Flash player.
2. Flash show as blank images on smart phones.
3. It is not good for search engine optimisation.

After much deliberation we decided to use java script for the scrolling images across the top of the page. It is simple but effective, with control over the speed of scroll, if you mouse over it stands still, if you click it takes you to another page. The only thing it doesn’t do is scroll in reverse. We wanted the drop down menu from the top bar, which actually hangs over the scrolling banner, because of this we couldn’t have the reverse scroll.

We think this is an excellent way of showing off our best logo designs on all the key pages of our site.

Well that concludes my observations on the redesign of our web site, think I’ve just about exhausted the subject. Apart from saying that for any established business, putting a redesigned web site online is no mean feat. The drive to find a new and exciting way to present yourselves can often be thwarted in the final stages by the leg work required to update every single page you have online with new or updated content. You probably have some new key pages to consider too. Coupled with the fear that the new site may drop in the search engines, that your viewers may not perceive it to be an improvement, that they may actually find it less user friendly, I begin to understand why it took us so long.

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Website background colour

Monday, April 18, 2011

18th April 2011

Blue Or White?

On the background colour of our new website, should we stick with our conservative dark blue or move to white. There only ever seemed to be the 2 options, we dabbled with light grey for a while, but grey … well it’s so grey.

We wanted our logos to take centre stage, to really shine out of the page. Generally our finished logos are saved on white and placed on our blue background they really do stand out. But dark backgrounds can be a nightmare when trying to read text. On the other hand, we had been dark blue for 10 years. We have some loyal clients who come back for more, would they take one look and decide this must be someone else and click away never to find us again. So as customer recognition felt important, surely we could work round this limitation and still find an exciting new layout that spoke for us? Over the 4 years it took to bring our new design to fruition, in the rough designs the background remained blue.

I find that design works in a subconscious way, personally I always read a brief carefully as soon as it arrives because I know that even if I’m not thinking about the new project in a concentrated way, in the back of my mind there will be seeds of ideas germinating ready to spring forth when I sit down at the drawing board, well, computer.

So as we reached the final hour, the design done, other key pages styled, another hundred decisions made, in a light bulb moment we changed to white.

If you would like to read the other articles on this subject, click on the Web Design category on our blog.

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LogoPro Web Redesign

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here is one of our very first design roughs, when we thought scrolling images on the side bar would be a good idea. You can see elements of the design in the design we have now. But thankfully we ditched the dark background, a colour we started with back in 2001.

We started to work on a new design for LogoPro in 2007 – the new site went ‘live’ in March 2011. Four years may sound a long time to give a website a new look. Here is an insight into the thinking, the designing and the effort that went into that journey.

From the beginning we had 3 packages. The site was designed in the days when credit cards were given names to differentiate them, names like Gold and Platinum. Along the same vein, we chose to call our packaged Business Class, Business Plus and Business Advantage. They were on the home page as colour text links and could easily go unnoticed. Web design wisdom says ‘call to action’, make it super easy to buy your product or service. Every extra click it takes to buy is potentially a click away from your site.

Did we still need 3 packages? After careful consideration, yes we do, people like simple choices. We have invented new packages and called them economy, extra and elite.  We have separated out the confusing options on stationery design and concentrated on the difference between the logo design service offered and the flexibility of the final logo files. So our 3 packages needed to be clear, concise and obvious on the front page, where you could buy with one click, 2 clicks absolute max.

We spent hours working on our navigation, we recognise that if navigation is confusing, we have lost the game. Keeping it simple had to be balanced with making it obvious where you can get to, to display all the services we had to offer. Initially we roughed out ideas that would show all the pages, it took a lot of valuable space and our viewer would be faced with a bundle of words – would they be bothered to read? Possibly not, so our navigation was put in the obvious place (generally a good plan) with drop down menus with simple page names that would work at just a glance.

As any blogger knows, writing articles takes a lot of time and energy, looking for inspiration, doing the research and writing the article.  Surprisingly the commitment to share this experience is enjoyable and I will continue.

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Web Site Redsign – Why Change

Thursday, April 07, 2011

7th April 2011

Why Did We Want A New Design?

Changing an established website is frightening! Why?

Over the years you have achieved your rank on the internet. You are doing well in your relevant search terms?  Work comes in, but not as much as it used to. You ask yourself

‘Could we be doing better?   Could we get more work or has the market changed?’

You spy on your competitors on the internet, you wonder around your website, you look to your analytics for answers.

But will change make the difference? Could we disappear never to be seen again? If we change the look, should we change the format? Depending on the internet for business is an uncomfortable position to be in, at the mercy of google and it’s ever changing rules and goalposts with more and more competition coming online every day. We have learned not to put all our eggs in one basket and nurture our clients old, new and local.

Things have moved so fast, in 2001 most of us unplugged our phones, plugged in the computer and dial up to get onto the internet. Within a few years that changed to broadband being the norm. Broadband is getting faster, not for everyone I know, but enough for web designers and developers to change the way they work. The speed that a web page downloads to your computer, while still a consideration, is not so much of an issue. To add to the equation the size of the screen people view websites on has changed in every direction, from huge wide screen monitors to teeny tiny screens on a smart phone.

Thinking back over the process, we knew we had a problem as far back as 2006, but making the change took far too long. The face of the internet has changed and web design has evolved. It was time to catch up.

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Snapshot of Logopro in 2001

A Bit of Logopro History

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

In the beginning, way back in the year 2000, Peter Lock, a partner in our graphic design business, spotted a niche market while doing research on the internet.  Within a year we launched www.logopro.co.uk

Our style was simple, the page dark blue with tasteful graphics inviting the viewer to buy a logo online for £160.00.

Our team worked studiously to understand  how the search engines worked, seeking reciprocal links, setting up other related web sites that linked to Logopro, making sure the key search terms were all in place. Our business blossomed. We bobbed to the top of google with seemingly little effort and the work began to flow in.

We learned a lot about logo design in that time. Although both partners had years of experience as graphic designers, logo design was often a very precious art where you worked hard on one or two concepts and then presented them to your client with a load of waffle to go with them. This new format cut out the flannel, our philosophy was that if the design didn’t tell the story then the design didn’t work. Working up several different concepts was a challenge but we began to understand the art and logo design became our passion.

It was 6 years later we realised our image was beginning to look tired. It took another 4 years to work on a redesign that would do our business justice. Like the proverbial builder, the redesign of our site took a back seat in the day to day running of the business, until it became obvious that the number of visitors to our site did not match the number that turned into a new job.

Redesigning a site is a daunting prospect and our next post will look at the process we went through on our route to our shiny new site.

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Search Engines: Organic Listings

Monday, March 28, 2011

Organic Listings

28th March 2011

Being a professional service on the internet has never been more challenging, you have to not only provide a service comparable to the most competitive company in your field but also compete for visibility on a global scale. Through search engine sites such as ‘google’ we all have a chance at gaining some free advertising space in the organic listings but keeping yourself there can be a real struggle.

SEO (search engine optimisation) is not an exact science; it is best described as feeling your way through marketing search terms and public trends to find your own niche – that search term that gives you the visibility you need while being easily maintained so as to not leech all your valuable time. The time that you could otherwise be giving straight back to your customers and providing that fantastic service that you have spent so much time promoting.

A little patch of heaven…

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Big Plans!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

25th Nov 2010

Hi folks!

So, nearing completion of my first wordpress based site and I have to say that my brain is overflowing with new knowledge.

I’m pretty proud of my new creation, not only did I finish my first wordpress site but I themed it myself and customized the “dashboard” as well. This was a proper bespoke offering made to our client and I’m hoping that she’ll be pleased with it!

What next?! Well as most of our readers and followers on twitter will know, we’ve been planning on updating our site for quite some time now but as there aren’t many of us working here we’ve been struggling to get the time out that we need to begin designing it.

We feel that although we’ve held a commanding spot in the search engines for quite some time now without the throughput of work that our analytics would suggest, we need a site that reflects a more modern business and puts our design skills in the spotlight the moment someone like you enters through the metaphorical doors to our homepage.

Would you agree that this place needs a makeover? I certainly would – the fact that LogoPro has continued to make a success is not based on the design of our site but the designers within, the problem with this of course is that you have to convince a business owner of this before he/she parts with their well earned cash in exchange for the design work. After nearly 10 years of work with our current page design on display it’s beginning to look extremely dated and thus out of fashion. It’s time to take that step to modernize and grow further, I can’t wait to be a part of this process, exciting stuff!

My job as an apprentice here will be to provide research into our changing market and to try and find ways to bring our site head and shoulders above the rest in terms of customer relation, satisfaction and participation. This in turn will help LogoPro challenge the market to evolve and bring customers back to the forefront of the design process while my colleagues come up with something that is  modern and clean with a good sense of style.

We’re hoping to have this up and running by the beginning of January to help us kick start the new decade!

Stay Tuned!

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WordPress: Out of the loop

Monday, October 18, 2010

18th Oct 2010

So it’s been a week since my last post and it’s been rather hectic here at LogoPro.

This week I’ve been getting my head around WordPress: the installation and integration, the loop and all the associated php that’s involved.

I’ve never really worked with php before this endeavour so I suppose that it’s a good thing that I like to be dropped in the deep end!

I wanted to learn how to use wordpress because as you may have guessed, our blog is run by the wordpress engine. This was originally set up for us as a tool for search engine optimization by another company specializing in the field and we wanted to be able to run it ourselves, make changes and ultimately transplant it into our new website that’s currently being built (watch this space!).

So I began by installing wordpress on my local machine with the help of xampp (a nice little free-ware program designed to emulate a web server on your home machine) which went relatively smoothly once I had figured out how to make use of phpMyAdmin.

Moving on to the next step I fired up my web browser and pointed it at the localhost and was promptly greeted by wordpress in all it’s stock untouched glory! At this point I realised that I would have to figure out how to build a theme so I went in search a good beginners tutorial on how to skin wordpress, there are literally hundreds of sites offering detailed descriptions and it soon became apparent that it was going to be hard finding a how-to that started at my level (no PHP experience). In the end however I found one that stood out from the rest in having a slow step by step breakdown of what is needed to create a theme from scratch – If you are interested I have posted the link to the tutorial I used at the bottom of this post.

So I had a bit of a headache and plenty of hours twiddling my thumbs while I tried to remember where I’d left my “?>” but eventually I had a pretty nice looking theme complete with a widget enabled side bar and some cool looking graphics!

On to the back end! – I remember when I was quite a lot younger I started a phpBB forum for a group of my friends, we all played the same video game and wanted to be able to compete in leagues online but that meant that we needed a place to organize matches and keep in touch with the opposition. Looking back on my experience then was a great help when it came to structuring my wordpress site (pages -> categories -> posts -> comments) as the web based control panel was pretty similar to that of the forum I set up. The only issue I had here was that when I took it upon myself to try and set up a system in which I had two sites that were running from the same blog I couldn’t get wordpress to see both theme’s and suddenly I was getting “unable to communicate with database” errors whenever I tried to load up my second page – I turned to a friend of mine who showed me a nifty bit of code that makes wordpress identify a new .php page as a separate entity: <?php /* Template Name: example */ ?> Hallelujah! (Thanks James!)

So I had:

WordPress installed and working
A lovely custom built theme
A Good site structure
Separate pages outside of wordpress that were behaving as wordpress templates

Great! Not bad for a weeks work?

I upgraded our wordpress last week to version 3.0.1 and it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. What a lovely CMS!

I would love to hear of other problems that people encountered while setting up and using wordpress so leave me a comment, I’m still a learner so I really benefit for taking on board other people’s experiences.

Off topic: I have been following the news on the Chilean Miners Disaster with awe and am really happy that everyone made it out alive and well! Go Chile!

Well that’s it for this week’s blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it (even if you have no understanding of php or what wordpress is).

Stay tuned for next Monday’s post!


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WordPress How-to: Click here
WordPress Codex: Click here
XAMPP Web Server: Click here

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The Introduction…

Monday, October 11, 2010

11th Oct 2010

Hello readers,

my name is Alfie and I’m the new apprentice at LogoPro with daily duties including much more than just tea making and paperwork!

The idea of this new column is that while I learn, develop and train that I should document my progress in order to perhaps provide an insight into the graphic design sector for up and coming designers, printers and illustrators. Everyone else can of course read this and relate, in a nostalgic fashion, to when they were learning the trade.

I suppose that to help visualize the situation I should provide a little about myself, so here it goes; I’m a young man (20) from the Ceredigion area in West Wales with no previous training in graphic design or web design.
My parents lifted me from primary school at the age of 9 to pursue home tutoring and subsequently, at the age of 15 I enrolled in our local college to chase several GCSE’s and a First diploma in Art & Design. At age 18 I registered at Aberystwyth University to attend a foundation degree in Physics in order to increase my options within the education system.

The following year was a quiet one – Job hunting in W. Wales is a brave task for any individual and was obviously hard going with no real leads on any of my applications despite some interest in me myself, there simply aren’t any jobs in the area. Luckily I was in contact with LogoPro personally and was offered an apprenticeship in February this year which I have gladly taken!

I had always had a very keen interest in websites from an early age, learning to build a basic html page at age 14 and continuing to experiment with programs like Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver to this day so I had a grasp of what the job involved, I had some previous experience in dealing with customers, helping to provide a service and I had the support from LogoPro to go at my own pace initially while I got to grips with everything.

So here we are!

I will be writing a post once a week so that you can follow my journey from trainee to entrepreneur and I would appreciate any comments/ideas/guidance that you can give :)

Check back every Monday for an update on my progress, things I’ve learnt, obstacles I’ve encountered and how many cups of tea I’ve made…



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Logo for sustainable furniture design

It’s Got Legs – Sustainable Furniture Design

Monday, September 20, 2010

20 September 2010

With global warming and mass devastation looming the world is turning it’s head to all sorts of new way’s to lead a sustainable lifestyle such as recycling – using discarded waste and renewable materials is becoming more a part of our lives than ever before. For some this has sparked a huge wave of creativity from creating scupltures out of materials more often found in landfill to inventing cars that charge their own batteries.

Helen came to LogoPro in June requiring a logo for her sustainable furniture design company. She was struggling to find a logo that she liked, she came to us in the hope that she may get a modern and professional looking design that screams quality. In her brief she wrote:

‘HELP! I have no idea how to help you on this one! I do not want anything too light or jokey, so many other sites offer what for the most part looks like cartoons which is the antithesis of my offering. The fact that “it’s got legs”, the very suggestion of it, is because there is forward movement in it, whatever it is… it is the root and kernel of something that might just work, it’s worth giving it a go, try running with it, you never know, it might just become something, pick up its skirts and head off at a pace in a direction all of its own… but if not, if it doesn’t, there are still other things with legs out there, sometimes you have to give it a bit of encouragement… and never give up!’

We worked through some concepts which Helen appreciated. During the process our client had some inspiration of her own, a fabric she was using on one of her creations was the springboard to the final design and is now is ecstatic with her logo.

‘You have totally cracked it, thank you so, so much for your patience! 25 is the one, and I want it!!’

We must say that this logo is a favourite of our most recent projects given it’s quirky, bold and informative style with the recycling symbol at the heart of the subject.

Here at LogoPro we ourselves strive to create as little waste as possible and what waste that we do create we recycle – we strongly urge everyone else to do the same, what have you got to lose?

Here’s to the future!

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Celebrate The Cupcake Logo

Cupcake logo design

Friday, August 20, 2010

20 August 2010

Angela came to us at the end of June looking for a custom logo design that would reflect the nostalgic feeling surrounding the humble cupcake. Celebrate The Cupcake are setting up an online store to sell bake ware, decorations and accessories for everything cupcake related – they will be the one stop shop for everything needed to create these little beauties.

She wanted to use pastel colours with a 50’s diner retro feel. We set to work to try and incorporate these idea into a smart, playful look for her up and coming business. We decided that it needed to fit absolutely with her website design – clean, simple and absolutely unique.

“I love it! it uses modern colours that really pull the eye! Thank you again for lending your fantastic skill and flair to the development of my logo.”

We think we came up with a logo that’s just as tasty as her cupcakes, let us know your opinion!

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