economy logo design

£180 plus VAT

Need a new logo for a website, office documents or signage?

  • 4 unique designs in 2 working days
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Final files in full range of formats
  • RGB colour
  • Email contact with your designer


extra logo design

£280 plus VAT

A new logo design delivered with all the files your business will ever need.

  • 6 unique designs in 3 working days
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Final files in full range of formats
  • RGB, CMYK colour
  • Telephone contact with your designer


elite logo design

£400 plus VAT

Tailor-made variations of your new logo.

Community Based Initiative for Rural Development (CBIRD) is an emerging Ugandan charity working with isolated rural communities to achieve empowerment through education. Our updated logo has given CBIRD a professional new image with which to launch our website and has helped us on our quest to gain global recognition for our cause. A professional and well designed logo can be the catalyst for big changes within small organisations and our sincere thanks go out to LogoPro for their kind support.

Chris Elliott

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Online Logo Design Services

Why use an online logo design service? Have you ever found what you're looking for online, only to find you have to phone the company between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday to get the ball rolling? Frustrating isn't it. We know once you make a decision you want to act fast. That's why we've provided an online logo design service. You can send the brief and pay for your logo at any time of the day or night, wherever you are in the world and receive the first custom logo designs within 48 hours. We're based in the UK and before specialising in logo designing, the founder of Logo Pro worked as an Art Director in television graphic design and worked on sales campaigns for London based commercial television companies, such as ITV. Many of our clients are based overseas but are looking for British design companies. UK design has a worldwide reputation for excellence and innovation. Our online service makes it easy to engage a professional, UK based logo designer for your project.

Our design brief asks for your website address and details about your business. Before any work can begin in the logo design studio, the logo designer will familiarise him or herself with your business through your website or other company information. This is vital for the next step – presenting the first design concepts. These will be with you 48 hours after your payment is completed. With our background working for commercial television we understand all about deadlines. You may need your new custom logo design for an exhibition or show or for a new ad campaign - we won't keep you waiting.

Logo Design

Looking for stunning logo design? Logo Pro is one of the leading online logo design companies providing low cost, fast, professional company logo design for businesses like yours. Your logo symbolises what your business can offer your customer. Logo comes from the Greek word logotipos, meaning symbol or icon. Before widespread literacy was achieved, merchants would use an object to tell customers what they offered e.g. a large boot outside a shoe shop, a barrel outside a wine merchant's. Today businesses are looking for something more sophisticated but the aim is still to convey to the customer an impression of what they can expect from this business in terms of service, approach or product.

Some businesses already have a strong sense of what they want, but others come to us with a blank sheet, no fixed ideas. Logo graphic design is a specialised area and you will get a better result if you use graphic designers who have a strong background in this area. Today in the digital age with so many more businesses needing a strong brand image, it's important that you choose a logo design company that can give a strong, distinct graphic representation of what your company delivers. There are many elements to good logo design and conversely poor design can affect how your business is perceived. Your willingness to invest in good design also says something about how much you value your business. At Logo Pro we create designs that give businesses confidence and help them stand out from the crowd.

Logo Designer

What do you look for in a good logo designer? You should ask to see the portfolio of any business you are considering engaging. What you're looking for here is a good mix of design concepts. Alarm bells should ring if none of the logo designs on show leave a lasting impression.

A selection of our work is featured in our portfolio at

You'll know whether you're with right company when you see the initial designs. At Logo Pro we're so confident that our logo designers can create winning designs for you that we offer a money back guarantee up to the 2nd stage of the design process. If you don't like our concepts you can walk away and get your money back. All the logo designers at Logo Pro have trained as graphic designers and then specialised in logo design.

We look for a proven track record before we engage the services of any logo designer. To achieve solutions that inspire the logo creator, the client and their customers, the designer needs to have that curiosity factor that will enable him or her to engage fully with the client's business. Only by getting under the skin of a business can the logo designer develop a full and useful brief.

Business Logo Design

What separates a great business logo design from an adequate design? Think of the iconic logos of companies that are part of the landscape of the late twentieth century: Apple, eBay, Marks & Spencers and Dell. What do these have in common? Their logos are memorable. The business logos design has played a significant role in making these brands household names. What all great logos have in common is they are:

• recognisable
• memorable
• effective without colour
• scalable (it works as well on a pen as on a shop sign)
• appropriate

Let's look at these in detail. Recognisable means you can recognise it and describe what the logo looks like. Chances are if you can' t describe it, you won't remember it. Which leads nicely onto memorable. Think again of those iconic logos like the apple with a bite taken out of it for Apple Computers. Memorable? Certainly, especially because the company isn't selling fruit, as Forest Gump thought, but does specialise in fresh, clean design. The sweetness of the first bite out of an apple gives us this globally recognised symbol.

Effective without colour, doesn't mean you'll get a black and white logo but shape and form are primary considerations. If you take out the colour you can see whether the shape of the logo works.

Scalable - you want to be able to use your logo everywhere so it is important that it can be scaled down to fit on something as small as a pen or up to fill an exhibition banner.

The last point is perhaps the most important. For the logo to be appropriate for the business it represents, the logo designer must have fully understood what the business is offering its customers and how it stands apart from its competitors.

Corporate Logo Design

What is corporate identity?
It is about the overall look of a company. It is the group of items that create recognition in the minds of your target market. The identity is made up of the logo, the tagline and the character of the company. It is about how that logo is applied in things like signage, printed material, signage, uniforms, advertising promotional products and exhibitions. Consistency is essential when adapting the logo design to encourage repeated recognition by your customers and the general public. How does corporate logo design differ from business logo design? Simple, well executed graphic design logos attract attention. Large corporations invest heavily in creating their corporate identity. They're all looking for a distinctive and unique identity to give them a strong identity in the market place.

While small businesses do not command these kind of budgets, it's important that you choose a company that understands how to produce crisp designs that will make your business catch the eye. You may be a small business today but many of the top brands such as The Body Shop started with just one store. Where will your business be in 10 years time? Logo Pro can give your business a strong identity now that can be developed as your business grows.

Design a Logo

Why get professional logo designers to design a logo for your business? You may think you're just buying a logo but actually what we do for small businesses like yours is solve the problem of “How can I give my business a distinct and unique identity that attracts customers?' Just like the big corporate guys your business needs to attract attention. We find out about what your company delivers in order to translate that into crisp designs that will give you that distinct and unique identity to help you attract customers. When you invest in a professional logo design with Logo Pro, you won't just get a new logo for your business, you'll also think about your business at a different level. The initial concepts will provoke different reactions which will make you analyse what your company really stands for. What are you really offering your customers? What is your unique point of difference? When you ask your colleagues and friends to look at these designs you'll find out how others see your business.

At Logo Pro our logo designers deal with a wide range of businesses, see these categories in our online logo design portfolio, just a selection of the wide range of businesses, services and products we have designed for:

All the businesses shared a common goal. They all wanted a corporate identity that would make them stand out from the crowd. A logo design that was memorable. A logo design that makes them feel proud.

With several options to choose from, you can get a complete package including logos designs and stationery designs for web and professional print or if you just want a stunning custom logo design to get your business off to a great beginning, go for the economy logo package. Ready to start?

Contact one of our logo designers on FREEPHONE 0800 170 1060

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